Surf – Design Planet: Introduction Blurp

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I hope you enjoy surfing my blog …a world of two and three dimensional design.

Surf – Design Planet: Introduction Blurp

I need to explain this as it relates to me personally in this opening introduction/post.
Two and three dimensional design is HUGE. Design (old, new, good and bad) is all around us. It is part of everything in our world and beyond. My ‘little design planet’ is a present thought and design concept direction that I would like to personally explore further over the next few years, and share it with you along the way.Hopefully my design planet blurp will not only help my direction, but also be very helpful in your journey.

This new design direction is based on A & B below:

My past experiences as a graphic designer and fine artist.

Explanation of ‘A’:
I am, and have been a graphic and fine artist since the middle 1960’s (The Beatles – ‘Help’/’We Can Work It Out’ Days). Up until 1994, I lived and worked in Toronto, Canada. I have always worked in two dimensions. Graphic flat art created way back when with Pelikan paints and brush on illustration board, then design markers, and then on 386 PC’s and Apple computers. I completed my first fine art landscape painting in oils at the age of 12. I worked with Hyplar acrylic paints creating paintings in heavy acrylic during the 1970’s. Subject matter ranged from abstract subjects such as “Crisis in Vietnam” to paintings created in the style of Canada’s Group of Seven. I also experimented with black and white photography using Kodalith films and developers. I then worked during the 1980’s creating environmental graphics and signing details for architects. Being influenced by the work of interior designers and architects around me, led me to create very detailed realistic art in ink, watercolor and acrylics of Canadian train stations and historical buildings. In 1990 I returned to school to study computer graphic communications and animation. In 1995, I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where I continue to produce graphic communications and paint a little of this paradise. I am a past treasurer and president of The Association of Hawaii Artists. In July, 2007 I will be moving to British Columbia, Canada to further expand my possibilities and workspace.
You are welcome to visit my fine art painting site at or (see links to right)

B. A present overflow of thoughts, ideas and design from a variety of world internet information that I daily experience.

Explanation of ‘B’:
Question: “What’s Out There?”
Answer: “WOW” = World of Wonder & Tons of Things to work with!

People, Places, Present, Past, Cultures, War, Peace, Politics, Science & Technology, Creatures, Earth, Universe, God…

Question: “What’s In Here?”
Answer:Above ‘A.’– My Artistic Talent, Past/Present Experiences, Imagination, Curiosity, Influences, Photography, Art, Graphics, Mediums, Models, Art, Model & Hand Tools, Machines, Computer Software, World Wide Web, Movies, Music, Media, Games, Toys, Daily Items & Things, Collectibles…

Question:“What If?”
Answer: “Infinite Possibilities”
‘A’ tells me I have alot of artistic talent and that I have built up excellent art and design skills in two dimensional graphic design and the fine arts. But, ‘A’ also tells me that I could expand my creativity, example: build a model and hand paint it using my acrylic painting skills; or create an artistic work based on music, example: Rock & Roll, KISS, Pink Floyd, the sound of a radial saw; or use art tools and machines, example: to create a diorama or shadow box to display collectible toys.“WOW…Lots of What Ifs?

One or Two More Questions: “So I have this super idea, and I have the artistic talent and tools to make it, but


  • What does a real one look like? …I’ve never been to Japan;
  • What color should it be? …a beige or a grey, rock.;
  • What kind of trees do they have there? …short palms I think?;
  • I forget, what does the KISS logo looks like?;
  • Where can I find a Ghostbuster ambulance and a copy of the movie to help me create my Ghostbuster’s shadowbox?
  • What is the story behind this organic looking space vehicle?

Answer: ‘A’ & ‘B’ give me infinite possibilities in my art.“Not only can I use an item in ‘A’, or combine any items in ‘A'(“What’s In Here?”); I can also use all of ‘B’ (“What’s Out There?”). The incredible variety of world internet information can be used to expand my boundaries in a positive way, bringing exploration, creative challenge, detail, scale and purpose to my work, and grow my joy of learning something new.

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