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I hope you had a great Christmas – got spoiled a little, and are now looking forward to this new 2008 year.

Grandson Jake makes a Gingerbread House.
View of Okanagan Lake & Mountains (Westbank, British Columbia)

Both my daughters were home which was wonderful for our first Christmas back here in Canada. We also had a very white and pretty Christmas.
First week of January:
Well, I am ‘just’ getting organized and finding ‘a little time’ to begin creating at my art stu
dio. I mentioned in my Blurp No.4 that my art studio is about a mile and a half down the road, and that my studio was purchased due to my daughter and her son living with us downstairs (my future studio space). I honestly do love having my daughter here; and it turned out that I would have been alone this winter/spring without my daughter and son here, as my wife had to return to Hawaii right after Christmas to teach at a university. She will be away till mid May; but luckily she can come back for Spring Break. “…I miss you love X0X0X”

I thought I would go in a circle and give you a photo tour of my hobby and collectibles room and explain its present set-up. I will also explain some projects and idea directions that I am pursuing:
I will try to give you a bit of a tutorial as I complete my present and future projects, as I did in my past Blurps to explain why and how I create them. I am retired! I am not in a rush to complete a specific model or piece. Example: I may paint several models with similar finishes all at once; or I may complete 90 percent of a model, but wait until several similar pieces are done to use specific material(s), equipment or tools to finish all of them.

Note: Click any photo to enlarge it.

Photo 1: Entrance to art studio room

This room presently houses some of my collectibles, models, and a workstation for creating my models and dioramas. The room is about 13 feet wide by 17 feet long. It is not perfect, but it is quite comfortable and works very well for me right now. I used a few of my plastic drawer units
stacked as a divider entrance to the area. The units hold some of my soda can collection and Japanese bottle cap collection.

Photo 2: Inside of the room divider

The white wire rack in front of the divider allows room for partially completed models that I am making. The white vertical bin to the left holds jar and tube acrylic paints and various tape types. R2D2 stands guard! On the right side are two large shelf units (see the next photo).

Photo 3: Left metal shelving unit (2 feet x 4 feet)
Top shelf holds a couple of plastic bins for large model parts and some flat art and posters.

Zoids Models

The next shelf down holds models or model parts that have just been completed or may require some additional work at a later date.
The large center shelf holds many Japanese models – ready to go in zip lock bags.
The second from bottom shelf holds many old and new Star Wars plastic models (not toys) (Japanese & American).
Bottom shelf is used for large models.

Photo 4: Right metal shelving unit (2 feet x 4 feet)
The upper two shelves store boxed models – mostly Japanese.

The lower two shelves consist of part of my Japanese bottle cap collection. Discussed in my 1st. Blog

In front, I keep a portable French easel that I use for painting small canvases.
To the right of the shelves are three cabinets (see the next photos).

Photo 5: Left tall cabinet
The top and bottom cabinets hold binders. Top cabinet is model instructions and lower cabinet is paper reference and paper collectibles.
For the Godzilla diorama on top of cabinet see Blurp No.6.

On the small red table in front (photo 5) are two of three old Imai model playsets from Japan that I started in December and will be completing shortly.

Photo 6: Center & Right tall cabinet

The center cabinet holds some paint varnishes and various recycled plastic and metal parts that I use and hope to use in the future.
The right cabinet hold flat art and binder reference on collectibles as well as collectible hobby magazines.
Photo 7: Cabinet Bin & Model Boxes

I just received the cabinet bins rack for Christmas. Each bin is about 12″ x 3″. A nice size for holding a variety of easily accessible parts. It was from a auto supply store – just under $50.cdn.
Below the table is under bed storage bins which contain flattened model box tops. Some of these contain great artwork and are worthy of framing.

Photo 8: Cabinet Bin & Model Boxes

The plastic drawer unit holds various terrain materials – grass, trees, ground materials, and rock plastic moulds etc.
To the right is a large corner workstation which holds a ton of tools, glues, varnishes, airbrush etc., etc.
Under is three boxes of Invader Zim figures and dioramas which I am going to make a custom display base for this Summer.
Photo 9: My work desk
My desk top has a large cutting matte, magnifying light and an assortment of tools that are used daily such as knives, glue, sandpaper, q-tips, brushes, clamps, paper clips, fine hand drills and mini files.
Photo 10 (last one): Right side of work desk

To the right of my desk is a vertical tray which also holds always-used tools.
The black drawer cabinet holds my Warhammer and other brand model paints. I use mostly acrylic paints.
The corner wire unit holds other models and reference as I’m working.

Well that’s all the way around my art/hobby/collectible room. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.

“This is the way I keep my conglomeration of hobby stuff orgaminized!” :>)

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