Medieval Castles

Patience and Making Priority Time:

Creating three dimensional art and modeling takes a lot of patience and time. I also try to write two or three blurps a month about my modeling efforts as they progress along. Even when working on several models at once, they do not come together quickly. There are many steps involved in the preparation, and in the finishing of a model, and especially a diorama scene. Finding time , even when retired like myself, is not always easy. Example: It is difficult to start mixing paint colors and setting up supplies to work on something, and then not having several hours in front of you to complete the task. Therefore, for the near future, I have committed about four mornings, or afternoons, a week for my modeling.

Below, I share some Medieval Castle parts that I have been working on this month and last, and the many steps involved in their creation:

A selection of Medieval Castle Models:

My model collection contained a few castle models made by Zvezda Models.

Zvezda is the largest-scale model kit and table-top game manufacturer inĀ Russia. Their products encompass many different scales, time periods and showcase many figures and buildings throughout history. Zvezda also makes “Age of Battles” and “Ring of Rule” table top games which are realistic re-enactments of pivotal battles throughout history and the fantasy realm. They have also produced a large number of modern military vehicles, planes and space models.

Below are some of the Medieval Castle model components available:

Eventually, maybe in six months, I will have assembled, painted and completed my various castle components, the castles, seige armory, various knights, their horses and armor.

I chose this model type just to have fun creating them!

Medieval Castles, Knights and Dragons have always been very popular in past history; and they have continued being very popular in many fantasy realms. I am not going to be over specific about having an exact historical period, or the correct military uniforms and gear with these models.

The Castle Building Parts are quite nice with good details and a workable 1/72″ scale.

The model pieces on the manufacturing process sprue trees contained many little sprue tabs. Two or three boxes of castle parts took me almost a week to clean up with exacto knifes and sandpaper. The building sides are mitred and therefore the tabs must be cleaned up so that the walls fit together well. Once I glued the components together I filled recesses or gaps with Hyplar Modeling Paste, and then sanded with fine paper ready for priming.

I also strengthened a few possible weak areas by adding some foam core to part interiors and bottoms.

Assembling various Tower and Wall Components.
Various Bridge parts can be used in different configurations.

Tower with Gate and Working Draw Bridge ready for priming.

“Again, patience and time. equals a superior result.”

At a later date, I hope to highlight my steps in the painting,finishing, and arrangement of these castle buildings.

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