Wow, it’s February 2008 already!

Note: “Must not forget it’s Valentines”

January, 2008:

Well, I have been very busy this past cold, wintery January month. Driving my grandson to preschool, shoveling snow, shopping for art and modeling supplies, putting together several Japanese models of space vehicles ready for priming later, calling a glass repair shop to fix a break and enter of my studio unit, and still finding time to paint three small paintings.


My daughter’s boyfriend lives in the rear of my studio. While he was at work last Friday evening some jerk cut the window screen, smashed the double pane window with a large rock, and entered the bedroom leaving the room to freeze.

The jerk(s) took his PS2 game system. Luckily they did not ransack, or go further. Stolen items, damage and repair equaled $600. I have since installed an alarm system. I guess they wouldn’t think of creating something themselves and selling it on eBay, instead of destroying. I guess it’s just our perfect little world of drugs, crime and violence. When we personally become the victim, we get a little cynical.

A Painting A Day:

In my Blog No.10, I shared some of my paintings that I have created, and I do sell a few prints of my paintings. But, I did not realize, until searching that there are many artists on the web with a blog, personal site and an eBay account for producing and selling mini paintings. Paintings as small as 4”x 5”. A lot of the artists produce “A Painting A Day” and are quite successful. is a gallery created for artists that are producing a painting a day. (You can also search “Painting A Day” on the web or eBay) There’s certainly not much in watching TV all evening, so I thought I would produce some small 8″ x 10″ paintings in the evenings and on Sundays. I will share the three paintings I just completed in my Blog No.16.

Canvas Panels:

I drove into the city of Kelowna during January to pick up some modeling and art supplies. I found a large art store with an excellent selection of art related products and supplies. Small canvas panels were on sale so I bought eight of them at a size of 8” x 10”.

I chose 8”x10” because it works well, both vertical and horizontal. And besides, this is the size that the Group of Seven used, and it is the standard photo size. I also purchased acrylic paint and modeling paste that I use for painting.

Wood Panel Boxes:

I also found the art store sold manufactured wood panel boxes (pictured above center with the canvas panels and the box back side pictured below.

These wood panel boxes come in a large selection of sizes from small to quite large, and the cost is very reasonable. Not only are these boxes excellent for a huge variety of creative art painting ideas and finishes, but they could also be used for a modeling base, or flipped for a shallow display shadow box. Mmmm! …my creativity is a wandering! Note: All wood surfaces, front and back, should be primed before using/finishing.

Plastic Model Glues:

Last spring when I was living in Hawaii, I purchased from a hobby shop, ten tubes of modeling glue. I purchased Testor’s ‘non-toxic’ glue (a blue tube) -thinking this would be better for me health wise. Well, it smelled much better, but it did not work. The glue took a long time to harden, or it never did. No holding power. So, nine tubes of glue is sitting in my drawer. I live in Westbank, just outside Kelowna. I dropped into a hobby store in Westbank that stated ‘going out of business’.I purchased the remainder of their standard regular Testor’s glue (red tube) which is stinky, but works.

Hands-On Hobbies / Instant Fast Technology:

I also asked the manager why he was closing the store. He said he was tired of loosing money and that young people just pass right by hobby stores these days with those things in their ears. He said they do not have the patience to build a model, and that a teenager had not been in his store for over a month even though the school bus stop is only a few doors away. Well! I don’t think this is the case in Japanor is it?

I’m just retired and really enjoying modeling. Am I an oddity? Is the web and the technology of video games making ‘hands-on’ hobbies obsolete? I heard the other day, that 1 in 4 video games sold now are to persons over fifty.

I think I enjoy the mix of both; and that new technology, web knowledge and experiences, help to enhance greatly the art of my painting and modeling.

Comments appreciated!

“Love Is In The Air”- “Happy Valentines”

-maybe a little love will warm up this freezing country …Brrr!

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