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My New Art and Hobby Room
I mentioned before that I had sold my separate art and modeling studio, and that my art space was
temporarily on hold .

This week I was able convert one room downstairs, in our home, to a combination art and hobby room. When my daughter moves out this fall, the complete lower level of my home will then be available as workspace. My hobby room photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/surfthearts/sets/72157606927210605/show/.

Garage Sales are great! …on viewing my Flickr photos you’ll notice an art/drafting table ($50.) and a nice all glass display cabinet ($20.) that I picked up. Lots of good deals out there if you look closely! I am looking forward to some fine art painting and modeling time this fall.

Leila and Kimo
“They eat their food like Raptors and at 3 months are hitting 20 pounds.”

I am still very busy with a home deck/sunroom project that has been hard to get rolling due to ridiculous permit requirements. Plus looking after our two new Labrador Retriever puppies has and is more than a challenge. They are extremely demanding, they wake you at 4am for a pee, and need to be daily trained. As well, I am scheduled in mid September for minor nose cartilage surgery, and I am also scheduling cataract surgery on my good eye – hopefully this fall, as the cataract is progressing quickly. Ah! …the fun of getting older. Who said retirement was relaxing?

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