Studio – Painting + Modeling Set-Up

Modeling Work Table

I have been very busy setting up my fine art painting and scale modeling studio rooms since Christmas.

Art and Modeling Room

Models, Fine Art, Posters, Matte Cutter

Modeling & Design Reference

I am also in the process of insulating a lower patio area to be used as a small shop area for spraying models and scroll cutting parts. The electrical is now in, and the insulation is done. Drywall and a sub-floor will be added within the next couple of weeks.

I will also be completing my exterior sunroom that requires interior finishing work, and interior and exterior painting. Once the weather warms up a little (it’s still cool – around freezing), I expect to be very busy from March til June on these home projects. I will not have a lot of time for new art, or modeling, this Spring.


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