Unique Architectural Scale Models

Unique Model Dioramas:

Eastern European countries produce some great models.

I purchased some Zvezda Medieval Castle Models, parts and figures a few years ago.

I assembled them last year, and I am hoping to schedule time to finish painting and detailing them soon. I have coated them in a dark-medium gray and dry brushed them with a lighter tone of gray so far. Although they are still unfinished, they are looking great. I mentioned these in aprevious blog.


Four exceptional diorama links:

1) I just stumbled onto another retail modeler from the Ukraine. If you are into creating dioramas. They have a nice selection of themed figures and buildings to compliment your jeep and/or tank models. The left column of their website contains a gallery page of their model items and accessories. What I really liked was their detailed assembly guide page and a painting guide page listed in the left column of the main menu. The instructions are illustrated with step-by-step photos showing the painting and texture detail process for completing a very realistic building diorama. http://www.miniart-models.com/

2) Another very interesting diorama modeler link with nice building finishing photo details at

I found the above link through my Yahoo Linka Molds Members group site

3) Linka World is a must site to visit if you’re into creating scale building models and dioramas using form molds.

4) Another of the best for molds is Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture http://www.hirstarts.com/
Bruce Hirst has designed many molds for building castles and other fantasy creations including sci-fi. His site comes with exceptional illustrations and instructions, mold-making, casting, building and painting how-to sheets, tips n’ tricks, videos, a gallery of creations etc.

I think you’ll have fun visiting these sites …there is a lot to get your creative juices flowing!

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