Mini Shop Space – Blog 2 of 2.

My Little Hobby Shop Room:

My little hobby room is almost done. I primed the walls and ceiling and then painted all a very pale light green. Trim and baseboard is white. Indoor-outdoor carpeting is a medium brown-beige.

View towards the exterior door. Window is a slider.

Hobby Model Spray Booth:

The above photo is a hobby spray booth that I made last year. It has a stove hood vent in the top section. It vents to the outside using a typical dryer wall outlet. I will make a bench for it to rest on similar to others I made below, and then I will hook it all up. I will probably make a vinyl cover to enclose it when not in use.

Hobby Scroll Saw:

I also made the above bench table last year for my Dremel Scroll Saw.

Handy Drill Press:

Today I made the above bench table to hold my new Drill Press.


Besides some regular power tools I have around home, such as a skill saw, drill etc., this little shop area and the above tools will be more than adequate for my hobby use and they can also be used for other home projects.

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