Neuschwanstein Castle, + Whitebase Assault Craft

Two Large and Quite Different Model Projects that I’m Working On:

Before I write about other Star Blazer YAMATO Battleships that I’ve finished, I’d like to share a little about these two large models:

1. The Royal Neuschwanstein Castle (in Germany) by Doyusha.

2. The 1/400 scale, huge WHITEBASE E.F.S.F. Pegasus-Class Assault Landing Craft SCV-70, Gundam Collection by Bandai .

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1. The Royal Neuschwanstein Castle by Doyusha

I’ve mention this large castle model, quite a while ago, in a previous blog, that I created a display base using Styrofoam built up on a pine wood board. When I finish the base texture, I will add a wood design moulding frame all around the bottom board.

Presently I am adding texture to the castle’s styrofoam mountain side, and preparing to make several trees. Looking at the photos (on the model’s box and below) you will see that the real castle Neuschwanstein is located on a rugged forested mountain plateau top high above a valley.


To make the ground cover and trees, I used
Woodland Scenics hobby supply. They supply a variety of hobby materials and landscaping materials to model railway builders and other model/diorama makers.


I purchased the Forest Canopy trees (shown below) to use together with other packages of foliage by Woodland Scenics of Light Lichen Mix, Autumn and Greens (3 types). I keep a few of these in stock for a variety of model landscaping, along with Scenic’s Glue and Cement. The castle model’s trees will be in colors of green; with a few added in Autumn colors (the beginning of fall – this will give my model some nice color interest).

Click the tree directions (above and below) to enlarge. They give detail on how I constructed my trees below. I have a few more to do. There is also a list of typical foliage/tree types available on the instruction sheet below.

I’ll probably need twice as many trees than what I’ve shown in the photo above. It does take time and patience to get them looking good! While they dried, I stuck them into a styrofoam block.

Some natural dried foliage (shown above) is supplied in the ‘Forest Canopy’ package (which is also shown in a previous photo).

One of the trees (shown above) where I applied Green and Autumn foliage material.

As well as natural plant material tree foliage, plastic and aluminum type material branched trees are available also, in a variety of tree types, for adding the foliage.

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2. The 1/400 scale, huge WHITEBASE E.F.S.F. Pegasus-Class Assault Landing Craft SCV-70, Gundam Collection by Bandai

I will be building a total of three of these models. The two that I have started will be painted in traditional color as recommended by the instruction sheets. The third ship that I will build, at a later date, will be a camouflage version.

Some parts are factory color finished. These have very glossy plastic look. I prefer to paint all parts. The parts shown on the above table have been painted.

I am presently waiting for some Gundam color line markers that I ordered from Hong Kong. Apparently they are stuck in Canada Customs – they should have been here two weeks ago. Postage delivery certainly has been slow, and very costly, since 911. The markers are fine lined and used to detail the groove lines of many Gundam type character and science fiction ship models. Other Gundam Markers are available in a variety of point types, and sets are available for specific Gundam Model Types. Color that accidently goes over, or outside, of a groove can be removed carefully with a white art type eraser/rubber.

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Once again, I will again up date you as I proceed further along on these models.

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