Neuschwanstein Castle Report 1.

My Neuschwanstein Castle Model by Doyusha – Progress Report No.1:

(continued from Surf – Design Planet Blurp No.80)

Mountain Rock Design Additions:

Before continuing on with the Castle Parts of this model, or applying the Landscaping Shrubs and Trees, I am finishing the actual Ground of the Mountain that it sits on.
My Styrofoam created slopes are pretty steep. Maybe a little too steep for applying the forested trees to the mountain. So I am adding a little extra mountain pieces to the main base which will give me more flat areas for planting the trees and shrubs.

These are all hand cut out of scrap packaging Styrofoam and glued with a caulking gun to the existing mountain and pine board base.
The foam pieces have been cut at different angles and sizes for a random natural look.

All of the mountain will be painted Black. Then wet and dry brushed with Dark Grey, then Medium, to eventually a light White/Grey painted mountain rock base. A little Burnt Umber (a dirty brown) will be added to the Greys, which adds a ground soil look to the flat areas of the mountain.

Styrofoam, when hand cut, tends to look like popcorn in areas (is too pitted – potholes) instead of looking like textured rock/ground. To give it a more natural look I apply (with a Palette Knife) some Acrylic Modeling Paste to the surface where required.

My Model’s Base Pine Board is 12 inches x 25 inches. A Mitred Frame will be added around when I have completed the mountain base.
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