Neuschwanstein Castle Report 2.

My Neuschwanstein Castle Model by Doyusha – Progress Report No.2:

(continued from Surf – Design Planet Blurp No.81)

Mountain Rock Detailing:
After gluing on the Styrofoam rock additions and smoothing out the Styrofoam’s natural bubble look with some Acrylic Modeling Paste, as shown in my Blog No.81, I then painted the rock with Flat Black Acrylic, adding layers of dry brushed Dark, Medium and Light Grey. I also added a little Burnt Umber for surface soil on flat rock areas.

Once the rocks were totally dry, I masked the edge of the base pine board with 3/4 inch painter’s green masking tape, letting the tape stick up above the board half way – 3/8 inch. I put lots of old newspaper under and around the model. I then poured and spread out with a brush my Liquid Scenery Cement/Glue (white glue that dries clear would work also) around the rocks and up to the taped board edge. I then sprinkled crushed railway type ballast rock pebbles into the glue. I had to do a little little pushing and mixing of the pebbles and glue with an old brush and my finger to make sure the glue was securely surrounding the pebble stones.

I let the surface pebbles settle and dry for a day, before I shook the board lightly to remove any non-glued pebbles. My trusty shop vacuum is always close by for cleaning up.

The stone pebble material I used is very brown/sandy looking. I will now add some gray dry brushing over the pebbles to blend in with the rock mountain color.

With the holidays coming up very fast, I will leave it for now.

In the new year I will add a decorative wood trim/moulding all around the base. Then I will return to paint detailing all the castle building components from my online collected reference photos.

I am also looking into lighting the castle’s interior with some battery run LED lights, which will include an on-off switch.

In case I don’t get back to my blog before the holidays, “I Wish You All a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year …and Many Thanks for Viewing My Blog Blurps!

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