Neuschwanstein Castle Report 4., + Wood Box Bases

My Neuschwanstein Castle Model by Doyusha – Progress Report No.4 
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Yesterday I added a nice leaf scroll patterned moulding all around the base of my Neuschwanstein Castle Model Diorama. I am going to solid stain the moulding in a red/burgundy color to match the brick/stone work at the castle’s entrance way.

I am in the process of making several more trees for this model. Shown above are aluminum trees that I have spray primed, and then hand painted using Black, Medium Grey and Brown Umber Acrylic.

A Base To Mount a Model: Wooden Art/Craft Panel Boxes
In a previous blog I mentioned that I had found at an art store, wooden art/craft panel boxes, in various sizes, which would make excellent model bases. Below are shown a couple of Alien type figures and their plastic mould bases which I have mounted onto theses wooden panel boxes.

An Alien Exoskeleton (Indepenence Day Movie) Figure produced by Lindberg Models No.77312, 1995

Note: The models shown above and below are not finished – to make them ready for painting, they have been finished in a black undercoat primer of black acrylic mixed with matte medium.

First, I drilled and screwed the plastic mould base to the wooden box. The screw tops were then covered in acrylic modeling paste. After hardening, I applied some white glue to the surrounding wood top and randomly applied some fine granular model railroad type stone. To help secure the stone, I also applied a scenery clear spray glue. Once all was dried, I primed all in black. Explanation: Personally, I find that the application of stone texture beyond the figure’s existing plastic mould base, extends the figure’s base texture outwards for a better overall look/feeling; rather than it ending abruptly.

Above and below photo:
Aliens Movie, Alien Warrior with Base & Egg produced by Halcyon Models – HAL 04, 1991, Figure Design & Sculpting by Colin Batty
As well as gluing the Alien Egg to its plastic mould base, I also drilled and screwed into the plastic egg’s bottom, from under the wooden panel box. The figure has not been glued to the base, as it will be much easier to paint while separate.

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