Neuschwanstein Castle Report 5.

My Neuschwanstein Castle Model by Doyusha
Final Progress Report No.5 – 99% Finished:

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Dimensions: 26″ long x 13″ wide x 16″ high

The decorative moulding has been Solid Stained in a Red-Burgundy color. Later when dried I will wipe a Medium Green Acrylic into the groove of the moulding’s leaf pattern.

As you can see, many trees have been added. Trees were hand-made and some were purchased from Hong Kong. All received hand-painting in Acrylics to make them more natural in color, as well as adding an overall early Fall/Autumn feel to the landscape.

Blended turf (from Woodland Scenics) was added to ground areas, as well as washes to create soil using Acrylic Matte Varnish mixed with a touch of Burnt Umber, and a little Burnt Sienna.

A wash of Acrylic Matte Varnish with a very small amount of Acrylic Raw Sienna was washed over all of the building’s gray walls to warm up the stone a bit, using a 1″ soft flat watercolor brush.

I will look into having a custom display case for this diorama model. This is a must, due to everyday dust that will accumulate …and eventually would destroy it.

Another nice item, would be to have a brass name plate created for this model.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my creation. I had lots of fun making it, and I learned how to spell ‘Neuschwanstein’ …Regards, Murray E. Breen

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