I’m A Busy Worker Bee

I cannot believe that it has already been six months since my last blog.

What have I been doing?

I have not been making scale model dioramas, or fine art paintings. I guess I would call this time ‘Artistic Lull’ …but I have been very busy!

July: During this month our family hosted two young Japanese boys who were visiting a Kelowna school. My grandson sure had fun with them!



August: Our family planned and took a trip to California visiting my eldest daughter in the San Francisco area, and her new son. As well, with our other grandson – age six, we visited Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Legoland and the San Diego Zoo. I took lots of photos, some for fun, and many as possible future drawing or painting reference.
Images included:
Alameda Victorian homes (one shown above)


Piece of the Berlin Wall at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, located in Simi Valley
A huge variety of crops are grown in this California valley plain

There was a quite a variety of landscape types/changes as we traveled by train from Spokane, Washington to San Francisco, California and then on to Los Angeles and San Diego.

I was able to get great shots of a mother and baby Panda Bear at the San Diego Zoo.


I took about 300 photos each day at all of the theme parks.



September: After our vacation, I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful fall scenery of lush orchards and wineries, around our home, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. I took several photos here as well.

October: ‘The Big News’ – For many ‘make sense’ reasons we decided to purchase a new home in Tigard, Oregon (within a ten mile radiius of downtown Portland). My youngest daughter’s family will be joining us. We are very excited about the home, and look forward to discovering this new area of Oregon.


The home also has a fabulous office area which will make a great studio for creating my art. 


November/December: Many hours have been spent working through a ton of paperwork involved in purchasing a new home.

During this last six month period, I have also been working on a large organized data base of photos, art, design, architecture, and world images, putting them in folders on a large portable hard drive. Subjects include scenery and societies around the world, castles, artists and their works, scale modeling reference, Photoshop reference, 2 & 3D Art, family photos, vacations, a large Sci-Fi data base from robots to space vehicles, designer toys, etc., and my Flickr account of 20,000 photos.

Well, it is time to take a break with my family for the Christmas Season. Watch some of those classic holiday movies! Our tree is up, thanks to my daughter, and there are a few presents under the tree – mostly for my grandson! We really don’t need any presents – we have a ‘new home’ in the new year!

“Wishing You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

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