Graffiti – Lettering Fun

Fun With Graffiti Lettering Styles:

If you’re NOT a Graffiti Artist with a stack of aerosol cans and a big blank wall; or if you NEVER HAVE downloaded any Graffiti Fonts from the internet, but you’ve always wanted to see what your name, or a word, looks like. Then try this link

I am not affiliated with this site at all
…I just stumbled upon it and thought that I would share it with you!

How to use this Graffiti Creator:

On the opening page you can preview a Graffiti font with names such as Chrome5, Jedimind, Potent and Oldschool etc.

You click and choose a type, which opens another page where you can insert your word into the bottom type bar.

Sliders are provided to adjust the width, the height and the rotation of the type.

For the word’s color and type effects you choose one of the little boxes to the bottom right – example to fill the letter with color, and to add a supplied selection of effects. Color sliders on the left also let you fine-tune the color you want for that particular box.

You can also re-position a letter, say for spacing, by holding your mouse button on the letter and dragging it to where you want.

Well, enough explaining – experiment yourself and have fun!

Samples are shown above and below of my creative efforts – I know you’ll do better!

I hope you enjoy this Graffiti Creator site!
I just checked out the one site above. I’m sure if your interested and search, there will be other similar sites.

…Oh, I got to go, it’s starting to

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