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Luke Perry & Malcolm – Jamal Warner in JEREMIAH The First Season (MGM 2002)

Back in 2003, after watching the TV First Season of Jeremiah, I purchased the above video series of 18 episodes plus the premiere. I was looking forward to Season Two, as I really enjoyed the Season One Episodes. When Season Two came along I watched a couple of episodes, and then abruptly it was cancelled. No reason was given at that time. I was very upset. I heard they had produced a few more shows, but that they were unavailable. Later I searched eBay etc., but was unable to find anything.

About the First Season:

Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210 fame) stars as Jeremiah, one of the many young survivors of the “Big Death” that claimed the lives of every adult in the world 15 years previous. Now forging their way through a bleak wilderness fraught with danger and conspiracy, Jeremiah and his most trusted friend, Kurdy (Malcolm – Jamal Warner), are plunged into thrilling adventures that test every facet of their humanity …and ultimately the fate of the human race itself!

A Long Time Coming:

I was searching for a another video on Amazon last week, when to my surprise, the above video popped up. Yes, it is the complete Season Two of Jeremiah. Apparently it was released in 2010, which is only 8 years between the season series! I haven’t purchased Season Two yet, but probably will soon – maybe for my birthday in May. The cost at is $54.US presently.

A Review from an Amazon customer:

I really wish there were two star rating numbers here at Amazon, one for the content and one for the delivery mechanism/packaging/etc. If all you care about is getting a cool alternate take on the post-apocalyptic genre, Jeremiah is a great choice. Season 2 is heavily dependent on the first season and is much more serialized than the first, so you can’t go wrong picking that one up first, but things get much more personal this go-around and the stakes, while certainly big before, really come into play here and set up what would have been a great third season, which of course we’ll never get.

As to the single star, there are a couple of factors. The first one, which is annoying but would have not caused a downgrade to the score, is how the discs are delivered. This is a print-on-demand title and they sure took the route of least resistance: single-layer discs. There were only fifteen episodes in the second season which would normally be delivered on four discs, instead we get eight. Honestly this is not just a case of my extreme laziness, but two episodes per disc and then up again to swap? Please. As a print-on-demand title I can understand there being no special features, and while I would have loved some JMS commentary of the caliber heard on the Babylon 5 sets, the author’s falling out with MGM makes this omission acceptable. After all, in the end we just want to see the show at the very least and that’s what we get, the very least. And that point rolls over into the reason for the single star: full frame. That’s right, this show which was broadcast on Showtime in high definition gets the full frame treatment. If you’ve seen the show in the past and are just trying to add it to your collection you will be highly disappointed. It’s not like the show was well known for its cinematography, but there are quite a number of scenes spread across the season where the widescreen presentation really gave a sense of scale to the goings-on. It is doubly irritating that the only other legitimate method of acquiring Jeremiah Season 2, iTunes, delivers the shows in widescreen. Why Amazon’s deal with MGM couldn’t include UnBox version in high definition I don’t know, as I would have gladly purchased them that way as I don’t see a Blu-ray on the horizon. But releasing a show shot and broadcast in high definition in a full-frame format is just wrong.

For those not concerned with the video format or who have never seen the show before, Jeremiah is the tale of a worldwide virus that killed nearly everyone who hadn’t gone through puberty, known as “The Big Death”. Following events of the first season where Jeremiah and his friend Kurdy had become part of the Thunder Montain community and learned that some adults had survived, including Jeremiah’s father, various factions hoping to gain control of the former United States come into play. Attempting to rebuild the country as well as survive, the challenges come in both large and small packages. Featuring action and philosophy, and following the vision of the show’s creator, J. Michael Straczynski. There is betrayal and heartache, but hope and determination as well, with a number of new characters introduced including the enigmatic Mr. Smith. While the budget of the show prevents and truly large set pieces from being staged to complement some of the bigger encounters, the production does its best to show a world that has fallen apart due to neglect, desire for power and the breakdown of infrastructure we take for granted in this world. You’ll like the characters, even the villains, as everyone has an agenda and a certitude to their convictions.

The second part of Amazon’s reviewing process asks “How do you rate this item?” The item, single-layered DVDs containing cropped full-frame episodes that were broadcast in high definition widescreen, gets a single star. The content, however, is easily worth four stars and if you’d like to see an interesting show in this genre it’s well worth a look.”

Other Items:

A Book ~ Jeremiah – The Roleplaying Game

A Roleplaying Game Book is also available from Amazon at $25.US. From the award winning pen of J. Michael Straczynski comes Jeremiah, a gritty tale of life and survival in a terrifying post-apocalyptic nightmare. Taking a plot line as familiar as it is popular, Straczynski has created a background rich in detail which formed the basis of this critically acclaimed television series.

In the hands of Mongoose Publishing, this story is now presented as a new and exciting roleplaying game. Guaranteed to appeal both to genre specific fans and aficionados of J. Michael Straczynski, Jeremiah is supported by a robust license allowing widespread use of extensive media materials.”

A Roleplaying Game Source Book:

Along with the Roleplaying Game Book, a Source Book is also available at Amazon for $9.US. Thunder Mountain is the base of operations for the embryonic new government, struggling to survive against a multitude of foes. This first supplement for the exciting new Jeremiah roleplaying game based on the critically acclaimed television series examines the nature of human endurance, describing how humanity would survive a holocaust.

This in-depth 128-page sourcebook provides everything players and Games masters require to depict the rebirth of mankind..”

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