Crying Time Again!

My Little Shift:

I have been packing up ready for a major move from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia to Tigard, Oregon. I will be moving on March 21, 2011. I am very excited about this as our family starts a new adventure!

We had previously purchased our new home; and we’re in the process of selling our Okanagan home. So right now I have two homes. I’m praying that it sells, during this recession, as two mortgages are no fun to keep up with.

A World Shift:

But now I’m feeling very sad and extremely luckily, because I just heard on the news that 140,000 Japanese people plus are living in shelters with no where to go, and/or left with nothing on their backs.

Before & After

We, the world’s people need to get down on our knees, no matter what religion or lack of, and pray for the island of Japan and its people. Not one of us, that is not affected directly by this, has any idea of the extent of these multiple tragedies affecting this country now, and its future.

I’ve never been to Japan, but I love many things about their unique society:

As a scale modeller, I have studied and built their Gifu Castles, their Gundam Warriors, Zoids and Godzillas.

As an artist I have tried my hand at Japanese Watercolor Brush Painting.

As a teenager I travelled to, and sketched Japanese artifacts at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Also at that time, everything was made in Japan, NOT China!

I have a large collection of Japanese Bottle Cap Figures, and Pepsi Star Wars and other Anime collectibles.

I have housed Japanese students in the past.

I lived for 13 years on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Its society has a large number of wonderful ‘local’ Japanese people (many that I call dear friends); as well as the many daily ‘mainland’ Japanese visitors that come to the islands. My waist will confirm that I love their foods too!
Yes! It’s Crying Time Again

…Let’s Pray for Japan, and do what we can …Amen

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