Organizing a new Art Space

Moving is so much fun!

My Acrylic painting of Orcas over our new home’s fireplace

After two weeks of unpacking boxes, our new home is starting to come together. My front porch was covered in recycled materials, such as wrinkled newsprint, bubble wrap, and box tape garbage. I flattened over a hundred boxes, and put them on Craigslist – they were gone in a few hours.

As well as several hours spent every day unpacking and organizing household goods, I also spent time organizing my garage and art studio space.

My Art Studio:

I decided to split my art studio space into two main work desk areas. One for creating painting art works, and the other area for scale modeling/dioramas. The photo above is of the scale modeling side. A smaller additional area will be for my computer, printer, scanner and tablet.

Creation Ideas:

A conglomeration of my collectibles are also piled up in boxes and in drawers. I will be sorting and selling many of them over the next year or so. This will equal funds for project idea supplies …and give me more room! Some collectibles will be incorporated into a combined creation of scale modeling + diorama + custom display/shadow box concepts that I will share in future blogs.

  1. Nice hobby area. Reminds me to start thinking about a big tidy up in mine which is looking a little overloaded.