You Can’t Rush Scale Modeling

Sitting On A Shelf:

Usually I work on several scale models/dioramas at once. An unfinished model can sit on a shelf for quite a while, before I say “time to finish this one”; or “good, I’ve found the perfect figures or model base.” Sometimes I think it’s done, but letting it sit usually gives me additional ideas. This sitting time is a thinking time!

A Little Castle:

I blogged about this little castle I made back in 2008, and now finally¬†at the end of April, 2011, I just added doors to the little castle shown above, and a flag on a pole to the castle building’s roof.

Thin plastic (from an old credit card) was used and cut to make the castle building’s two doors. They were painted with Acrylics. For interest one door was shown closed, and the other left opened.

I used a piece of colored cloth for the flag (from an old t-shirt!). I applied white glue to the inside and then folded it around the flag pole, so the colored pattern showed on both sides. After about 10 minutes, the white glue begins to become firm. You can then bend the cloth to make it look more ‘wind blown’.

A Firm Base Design:

I also will add a 1 9/16″ x 1/4″ wood moulding frame all around the model’s base. The castle’s existing detailed styrofoam base will be fused to a sheet of 1/8″ masonite/hardboard before I apply the moulding frame all around. The wood frame can be stained or painted before it is applied. Felt pads will be added to the bottom so the wood does not rub or scratch its resting surface.

To finalize this diorama, a knight on a horse will be added at the entrance ramp door (heading out). I have a Zvezda Models 1/72 scale Knight that will work well. I also found a supplier for some small farm/homestead type people, dogs, chickens etc. …It should be complete this year!

I will use this base concept direction for two, or three other castle projects that I have planned.


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