Two Stone Castles – Part 2.

This is a continuation of my previous blog ‘Two Stone Castles – Part 1‘.

MiniArt’s Medieval Castle Kit No. 72005, Scale 1:72 is similar in fabrication and assembly as to Kit No. 72004 (Kit No. 72005 is shown above).

Architectural Plan Change!

I mentioned in Part 1. that I did not assemble the castle sections and towers in the layouts suggested by MiniArt (top photo above), but that I exchanged the castle components using both kits to create my own two castles (photo shown directly above of Kit No. 72005 with changes).

Castle Finishing Is The Same As The Previous Castle Kit No. 72004:

The front view above, shows that I detailed and painted the castle using the same techniques and colors as Kit No. 72004.

A sheet of Styrofoam 16 inches wide x 14 inches deep, and 1 inch thick was glued into an identical painted wood frame box as used for Kit No. 72004. Each section of the castle walls and towers were glued to the Styrofoam in position.

The Hint of a Moat:

At the front center edge of the castle model diorama, the Styrofoam was cut away creating the Moat. Acrylic Molding Paste was applied to the slope of the cut away, and when dried Greys and Black Acrylic Paint was applied to give the effect of a rough stone slope (shown above and below).

I also added some ‘don’t get too close’ stakes into the moat slope (shown above).


The interior ground/floor of the castle was painted in dirt colors. The exterior was landscaped using Acrylic paint for ground and grass. Bushes and trees were added along with a couple of large barrier rocks at the front wall on each side of the drawbridge entrance. These were painted a stone color to match the stone type used for the castle walls.

Fresh Foods For All:

At the rear of the castle I created a painted and landscaped little garden, with a wood rail fence, created from Balsa Wood, and then dry brush painted with Burnt Umber and Black Acrylic paint.

Courtyard and Lodging:

For the interior courtyard I added a stone walkway from the front tower to the back quarters, along with doors, ladders and a tree (shown above). Using Balsa Wood I created, glued, and painted the wood buildings butting it up against the interior stone walls. Doors and Window Shutters were also made from Balsa Wood.

Notes: Like my previous castle, I will be adding drawbridge chains, a flag pole, and painting some figures to finish.

I have enjoyed sharing these two castles with you – thanks for viewing!

  1. Nolan Crawford says:

    I have been researching castles and Castle designs, and I was just wondering if you knew or could figure out the real life dimensions of Kit no.72005, square footage, wall and tower hight, etc. ..

  2. I love reading through a post that can make people think.

    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!