Length: 250.0m Width:108.0m Height 97.0m Weight: 68,000t Output: 550,000hp 
Armaments: 580mm Doublebarreled Cannon, Doublebarreled Mega Particle Cannon x2, Stem Missile Launcher x24, Stern Missile Launcher x6, etc., Loading:MS x3.


I introduced this model in my previous blog: I finally got around to assembling and detailing them this past Summer of 2011.

The White Base model is 1/400 scale, and measures 25 inches long x 17 inches wide x 11 inches tall when completed. I have completed two matching White Base ships.

After all the model part were cleaned up, sanded, and then primed and finished in White Satin Acrylic, I organized the same/similar parts on 3 large plastic foldable tables that I use when needed. I decided to complete the models in colors shown on the huge model’s box, following the instruction pamphlets interior color illustrations, found internet materials and photos of this Gundam craft. I thoroughly studied the Japanese illustrated instructions which were excellent as usual, even though I couldn’t read the Japanese type content. This helped in deciding which model components I could put together before color spray painting. And which parts required interior and other fine details before assembling as a whole.

Basic Colors are White, Bright Red, Bright Navy Blue, Bright Medium Yellow and Black.
I added a Deeper Wine Red, a Deeper Navy/Prussian Blue and a Medium Cool Grey to some exterior parts (soften some of the harsh solid colors). The ship’s body panel lines were infilled/detailed with a fine Black Sharpie Pen after painting the basic colors. I purchased some brand new Gundam fine point markers, but they didn’t work – dry or garbage!
The interior wall panels and floors were sprayed with an Acrylic Plastic Paint in a Bronze/Steel finish. Interior fine details were added using Silver and Gunmetal Steel Colors along with Red, Green, Yellow and Aluminum Control Panel details.
I also added a Bright Green for lights, and Liquitex Acrylic Fluorescent Orange for warning/hazard lights – example on wing tips.
The model comes with interior wall seats for mini Gundam figures. Three figures are supplied – each comes with a little stand. Front, Rear and Side Access Doors are hinged and open for role playing. Also, a large top section lifts off – access to a storage area. Top cannon guns are also accessible and raise up. As I had two ships, I displayed one with Cannons visible top and sides, and the other in the closed position.
After completing the painting and details and panel lines, I mixed a little Medium Gray with Acrylic Matte Varnish and brushed it over the ship’s White. This made it not so stark, or too clean/fresh looking. A few supplied WB Logos were added, and I cut out of red vinyl a number 3 and 4 for the wings of each ship.

The Model’s Stand was finished in Acrylic Plastic Paint in a Bronze/Steel finish with the supplied Name Identification Brass Colored Sticker.

These were a challenge, and certainly the largest models I have created. I do have one more in a box – I’ll save it for the future! I’d love to finish it in a ‘BAPE’ Camo Finish!
  1. This is a very nice collection! I would loved to have my children have this kind of collection in the future.