Tutorial by John Selvia:

PART VIII (Conclusion):


My Model Creations:

Hello, as promised, I’m posting some pics of my scratchbuilt/kitbashed (don’t know exactly what term to use) spacefighter. I started with the front section of an Italeri 1/72 Mig29, and the body of an Revell 1/48 F-14, turned upside. A lot of putty and sanding was required to unite the two parts. The nose is a Super Glue cap, and the gun under it is the weapon of an Macross Valkyrie. The weapons pods are two minibombs dispenser from an OTAN missle set from Airfix, and the other missles too. The wings are from the Mig29 kit, and several bits and pieces from my spare parts box.
Photo below of Macross Valkyrie and Weapons kitbashed for my ship.


Separated ship sections interlock.

Below is a 40 inch, scratchbuilt/kitbashed original cruiser design.
In painting and ceramics I like texture too! Painting with a base of sand.

This post concludes a eight (VIII) part tutorial on Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing, originally posted by John Selvia, aka Ivanis in 2005 – 2006 on his website which is no longer available. 

John A. Selvia, 45, of Kettering, Ohio; died on March 18, 2008 (please see PART I of this series of tutorials).

“I hope you find this Tutorial Series very informative, and that it helps you in your creations, as it has done for me. Thank You, John”
Eight Part Tutorial Compiled/Edited by Murray Elliot Breen, aka surf-the-arts.
  1. T G says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to re-post this.

  2. Nigel Parkes says:

    Thanks for reposting this and keeping John Selvia’s work alive, he was a talented guy.

  3. John Jorsett says:

    I’m thrilled to have discovered this. I had seen the original postings years ago and have been hunting for them ever since. Thanks for taking the trouble to post these.

    • It took some research and graphic work to pull together, from some prints I made off the internet years ago. The great information was definitely worth the effort. Glad you found it interesting!

  4. Thanks for posting this series, really well explained and illustrated. Glad I saw this!