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“About my blog called “surf-the-arts”

My former website http://www.surf-the-arts.com, before 2007, contained my art and paintings of Hawaii. I lived on Oahu from 1995 – 2007. It helped to spread my name, and sell paintings and prints etc.. 

‘Lei Making’ Watercolor on Arches Paper by Murray Elliot Breen 1996

‘Lifeguard Station 4B, Sandy Beach, East Oahu’ 
Acrylic on Masonite by Murray Elliot Breen 1998
* A Limited Edition of 10 Signed Prints on Archival Paper, at $35.US + Shipping, have been produced of the above image – contact the artist for availability.
My art expanded around 2005 to include the art of Scale Modeling, and my creation of Model Dioramas.
Built and detailed Warhammer Game ‘Chaos Tank’
Built and detailed Japanese Gifu Castle on custom landscaped base

On leaving Hawaii, I decided to cancel my Hawaii directed  website. I created a free blog on Blogger, known earlier as Blogspot.  The purpose was to share with others my art, paintings, and my new found interest of modeling by using my two dimensional art talents in a three dimensional modeling world. I also wanted to blog once in a while about other people’s design, art, collectibles, and any important issues to me. My  eldest daughter, a computer science designer, has now linked my registered site’s name http://www.surf-the-arts.com to my present blog ‘surf-the-arts’ at http://www.murraybreen.com/

I moved from Hawaii to British Columbia, Canada in 2007 til March, 2010. In that time I had shared over 100 blog writings. Moving again in 2011, this time to Tigard, Oregon, USA. My wife and I love it here. My youngest daughter and her family also live with us in our large home.

2012 = Home Renovations

2012 was a bad ‘blog year’ for me, with only two entries last January …even though I created several models and four unique painting projects.  Most of the year was spent time designing, and co-ordinating a major landscaping of our new property over three months, along with a stone BBQ, large dog kennel, and a do-it-yourself garden shed. It was hard work and costly, but turned out wonderful! We also did a lot of renovations with new floor materials and painting inside. Our family is now putting it to all to good use.

‘TRON Tribute’ – Acrylic + Mixed-Media, 24″x24″ by Murray Elliot Breen 2012
In 2012, I added another expansion of my art expression, by beginning to create, from previous sketches, works which include two dimensional painting, plus three dimensional objects. Elements could include recycled materials, found objects, momentos, and collectible toys. I am calling each one of these art piece’s purpose as a ‘tribute to…’
‘Korean Temple, Paolo Valley, Oahu’ 
Acrylic on Masonite by Murray Elliot Breen
Two built and detailed ‘E.F.S.F. Pegasus Class Assault Landing Craft 
SCV WHITEBASE’ by Murray Elliot Breen (each over 24 inches long)
I love sharing my art works with others on my blog. I believe this to be an important part, and fun part in my art creation. So, I’ll try to write more blogs about my works, as I have fun creating them.

My Studio
A reason I bought my new home, is the large office/studio work space with plenty of space, shelving and cupboards, used as work stations for my computer, my modeling and my painting. As a developer, my home’s previous owner used the office as a design center, and for working with clients. 
Our home also has a heated third garage that I”m transforming into a shop for my hobby use power tools. I’ve also built an hobby spray booth with exhaust.
Time to get off my computer, and start creating …and then blogging!
‘Orcas, Johnstone Strait, British Columbia, Canada’ 
Acrylic on Masonite, 1990 by Murray Elliot Breen
‘Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy’ 
Acrylic on Canvas, 8×10 inches, by Murray Elliot Breen 2008
 ‘Heron and Barns, West Prince Edward Island, Canada’ 
Acrylic on Masonite by Murray Elliot Breen 1991
‘Heat Exhaustion, Diamond Head Lookout, Honolulu’
Acrylic on Canvas by Murray Elliot Breen 2008
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